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Monday, May 26, 2014

Proud to be a Network Marketing Professional

I am a Network Marketing Professional.

Is that one of those MLMs?

Until I began following Eric Worre of Go Pro fame, I never thought of that title as actually applying to me.  I knew I was working with an MLM company, but there are still people who shy away from that connotation.   MLM is no longer a new concept, but everyone knows at least one person who will complain loud and long about an MLM company.  I admit there were days I wasn’t keen on using that title.  I am happy to say that now I am proud to be a Network Marketing Professional!

 Oh, those companies are all _______!

Believe me, I’ve heard all the arguments against MLM and through the years I have developed a thick skin about those arguments and find myself now feeling sorry for the ignorance of the detractors.  The first thing people complain about is something along these lines:  “Oh, those companies are all scams!  You never make any money; there are only a couple of people making money!  It’s all a pyramid scheme!” 
There are numerous articles and books that address these arguments and I’m not going to restate the obvious.  If you feel that way about MLM companies, and are not open to becoming educated about it, I will not waste your time (or mine). 

Look at some of your favorites

However, the next time you place an order with Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or any other direct selling company you obviously are a great supporter of MLM companies, and if you don’t want to join us that’s okay, we welcome your business and your cash.  In fact, many companies that are direct selling companies, and belong to the Direct Seller Association are indeed MLM companies.

"I did it and I never made any money!"

To counter the “I tried it and I never made a cent” argument I want to know “how long did you try to make it work?”  Although it has been known to happen, most people need to spend more than one to three months working their business.  Plus, unless the business is being treated like a business and not a hobby, your chances of success are slim. 
In order to be successful as an Independent Business Owner you need to complete your company training and then continue on the path to self development in those areas you notice weakness.  
Refrain from blaming anyone other than yourself for your failure.  When you need help ask for it. You up line has a business to run too, and unless you ask for help you won't get it.  Don't expect people to read your mind.

Active listening?  What's that?

You need to develop strong listening skills.  Listen to what your prospects are telling you, don’t craft your next question or response.  So many MLM people “hear” but they don’t “listen”.  Hearing is passive, listening is active so be an active listener and focus on what the other person is saying.  Acknowledge what that person is saying, and if called for, ask more questions.  Worry more about their “wants” than what you want (the sale).

"Focus" is not just a term for your camera!

Speaking of focus, daily consistent working your business is important.  Develop a schedule and stick to it without being inflexible if circumstances change.  Set yourself a goal as to the number of people you will contact/have conversations with/email/or give a tool explaining your product or business. 
Be accountable to someone about your progress, whether to an up line, a partner or another team mate. Accountability will help you stay the course and give you reason to be proud of your progress.  If you are building a team, it will be easier for your team to be accountable to someone if they see you are accountable to someone.

Everyone completes the same training

Never ask someone on your Team to do something you yourself would not do. The training for your business has to be easy for your team to duplicate when building their team.  If your attitude is “do as I say” rather than “do as I do”, you are guaranteed to lose team members.  Focus on completing every step necessary so you can truthfully tell your team “if I can do it, YOU can do it”.  That’s what your team wants to hear.  They want to know that it’s ok to be human and make mistakes.  They want to know they don’t have to be an expert straight out of the gate.  They want to know that the training will take them where they want to go and be something they can accomplish.  Apply the knowledge learned to the steps taken and reap the profits.  It should be that simple.

Build  your "ship"

If you want to build a team, there are some important facts to remember.  First of all, although you may talk to someone who wants to earn more money, or improve their quality of life, or to earn a passive income, a good percentage of the people you talk to are going to be reluctant to make the changes they will need to make in order to achieve these things.  Make no mistake, ALL these things are possible with MLM, and the probability of success is predicated by how willing the individual is to acknowledge what needs to be changed and to want to make the changes.  
That is not to say you should discount these individuals as prospective partners.  In fact, once you discover their fears and can offer them a solution to overcoming the obstacles, you will have a very determined, hard working and happy team mate.

I don't want to pay anything!

Some people will say they “can’t afford” to invest any money, or will say “I don’t want to pay anything to work”.  First of all, you are not asking anyone to “pay to work”.  What you are offering with MLM (assuming your company is stable, has a great product, and a good compensation plan…complete your due diligence before you commit), is the opportunity to make as much money as can be dreamed about.  
You are offering hope and freedom from future financial woes; you are offering the chance to be the CEO of a company without the brick and mortar expenses of a traditional small business.  Every business requires some start up fee and overhead.  There is no denying that fact; and MLM businesses incur start up and overhead fees that are significantly less than a brick and mortar business.
When people say they “can’t afford” it, the statement often indicates their concern that they won’t receive any ROI.  When you help them see the value in the opportunity, people will find the funds.  Remember this:  people ALWAYS find the money for what they WANT.  Sometimes they’ll forgo paying bills to do it! Although you never, ever, ask them to sacrifice, it is important they understand that a small sacrifice now can bring much freedom and liberty in the future.


Believe in your company and you will communicate that belief to people you want on your team.  Have a good, strong WHY you are a Network Marketing Professional for those days you need incentive.  Believe in your team, train them well and work with them, and they will go forward to build great teams themselves.  Have a blueprint to success that can be easily duplicated.  Learn to be an active listener, and a compassionate communicator.  Build relationships!  The product may be your “ship”, but without relating to those around you, your “ship” will be in dry-dock.  Be proud to say “I am a Network Marketing Professional”, that will give you the authority.