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About Me | Diane Boyko Achatz

About me:  Who am I?

I think I have worked for years to answer the question "Who am I?"

Apart from the obvious (I am a woman), here are some of the hats in the closet of my persona:

Daughter/WIFE/Mother/Nana:  Mom is 88 and she, Fred, Mollie (our dog) and I all live together.  

Husband (#2) is Fred, and he is "ahhhh-maaaay-zing." He is truly my soul-mate.  We have been married since May 1999.

Mother of two grown sons Christopher and David, Nana to 4 really attractive, really smart and really interesting grandchildren. 

Pet co-owner/Trainer to the aforementioned Mollie.  (Irish Red and White Setter, bird dog, spoiled rotten and oh so smart)

Entrepreneur:  My companies are AmeriPlan USA and FGXpress.  I will talk non-stop about both companies, the products and the business opportunity if I have the chance.  I am also an Independent Nikken Distributor.  Yes, another great company that I can attest to.   

Writer/Blogger:  Frustrated, but even if I write just for myself, I'm happy.

Trainer/Mentor:  See "entrepreneur" above.  I LOVE to work with people, train them to succeed and mentor them all along the way.

Business Partner:  First and foremost, partner with husband Frederick Achatz. I could not ask for a more supportive person.  We share our lives, we share our businesses.  I also have a business partner in Arizona ("Diamond" Jeff Pearson at, and  various sponsors/coaches/mentors/team members.  We are all partners, working to build the lifestyle of our dreams.

Friend:  I love my friends.  I especially love those I have been fortunate enough to call "friend" for many, many years.

If you want to really get to know me, come back and read my blogs.  They are all "me".