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Friday, March 28, 2014

Want A "Work At Home" Business?

This post is actually the answer I posted to a question I answered in one of my LinkedIn groups. These points should be addressed before you commit to any home base business, and certainly before you invest any money in your new adventure.  Since posting this I have added more content, and if these points bring other points to ponder, that's a good thing!

To answer the question: "Are there any REAL work at home jobs out there".

Here (in no particular order) are what I believe to be the most important things to consider when looking for and embarking upon a "work at home" career: 

(1) It is NOT a job in the sense that you will receive a traditional wage; be sure to have some income from somewhere before you begin. 

(2) Be prepared to follow the company's training; if they don't provide duplicatable training, cross the company off your list. A legitimate company will provide step-by-step training so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This will save you time. 

(3) Practice your patience skills; it's going to take some time to get where you want to be. 

(4) There WILL be some sort of start-up fee. If you had a brick and mortar business you'd have to pay rent, utilities, etc. If you do not receive something from the company (value) in return for your start-up fee, WALK AWAY. 

(5) If you dislike any type of customer service, God Bless and look elsewhere, because you will need to relate to people in a positive way if you want success. 

(6) If your family and/or significant other are not supportive of your efforts, you will have a hard row to hoe. Ideally they will give you the time and space needed to work your business. 

(7) Know that you will need to work and work HARD for at least six months or even a year to get your residual income where you want it to be. 

(8) Choose a company where you can earn lifetime residual income. While you're at it, find a good financial advisor and invest/save some of this income for your future. 

(9) Always work at self-development. No matter how much education you have when you begin, there is still much to learn, so be open minded and believe that you really do not know everything. 

(10) If you have a mentor, or an upline, for goodness' sake leverage their knowledge! Treat them with respect no matter their age, if they are a success, they can teach you much. Also, leverage their help and connections. A good mentor or upline will encourage you in this. 

(11) Know your "WHY"; Why do you want a home base business? How can you set goals if you don't know your why? 

(12) Set goals...write them down. 

(13) Always choose to represent a product or service that you yourself use or would use. You need to love what you do. If you are service oriented, choose a service industry. If you are product oriented tell everyone you know what a good product you represent 

(14) Don't be afraid to ask for help 

(15) Don't spend so much time on training classes and books that you neglect to do what you must do to be a successful, i.e. work. 

(16) Limit your time playing online; answering emails, surveys and "time waster stuff" know what I'm talking about! Save Facebook for break time, and set a timer. 

(17) Don’t neglect social media, but don't allow social media to take over your life.

(18) If you spend any time on social media there are sites where you can put your time to good use.  Begin with a Facebook fan page for your new business, join LinkedIn, write a blog about what what you do, start a Pinterest page and find educational as well as "fun" pins to put on your boards, if you are a Google Chrome user, get on Google + and explore all the other options available for you to promote and market your new business. All of these sites are free to join, both Blogspot and Wordpress will provide you with free themes and plenty of help, and then maybe you can spend 1/2 hour a day playing Candy Crush.

(19) Find a quiet place for your laptop, and a desk or small table.  Include a comfy chair because you'll spend a lot of time at your desk.  Organize it before you begin to work.  You don't need a separate room; a corner of your family room or even an unused closet or alcove can be made into a pleasant and efficient work space. You don't have to spend a lot of money either, be creative and repurpose items you already have.  Place items you love on your desk or on a shelf; pictures of your family, your "dream board", any item that gives you pleasure to look at.  Be sure you have enough lighting and electrical outlets near your workspace.  You want to have outlets for any electronics you might use.

(20)  And finally, LOVE what you do. Really!