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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

8 of Mine! What's Your (Guilty) Pleasure?

We all know that pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Experiencing pleasure is one of the finest joys you can have in your life.  What brings pleasure is different for every person, but what about "guilty pleasure"? 

You know what a guilty pleasure is, it's those things we like that we shouldn't like, but we do and like anyway.  AND, we don't tell anyone about them!  It's that last part that adds the little bit of naughty, spicy devilment, the secrecy!

Disclaimer time!

For the purposes of this post, we are talking only about legal pleasures. We're not going to debate what is moral, that's between you and your conscience!

Cat's coming out of the bag

In the interest of authenticity, I'll post some of my own guilty pleasures:

1. Reading what I refer to as mind candy

You know them, People Magazine and those other celebrity gossip magazines. My favorite issues are the issues that come out immediately following the award issues.  I can be as judgemental as I please, and no one has to know! Oh, the "who wore it best" feature?? LOVE them!  "She's too skinny, her butt is too big, WHAT was the stylist thinking with that hairstyle?  Oh, that dress is so ugly!  Does he ever shave?  Why does that hair look so greasy?"   Yeah. Those comments. Out loud!  The fact that I am SO imperfect next to the beautiful people has no bearing on this...

2. Recording all the Brit Mystery shows and Masterpiece Brit Mysteries on 

PBS stations and spending a Sunday watching them all day (if it happens to be a work day for my husband).  He finds them rather slow, and I just love the English countryside, the actors and all the accents!  

3.  I am a shameless Anglophile

I was one of those Americans who got out of bed early to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer. I also watched her funeral and cried the entire day.  And when he married Camilla, well, suffice it to say the commentary was unflattering.

4.  Adding vodka  to the tonic water I sometimes drink to avoid Restless Leg Syndrome

I don't drink vodka often, but when I do, I prefer Grey Goose.  Stay thirsty..I mean, sleep well, my friends.

5.  Playing board games

No one plays board games anymore.  I love them.  I really love Mexican Train (for you domino aficionados out there).  Except for Monopoly.  I hate Monopoly.  Thank the friend my ex-husband had for ruining Monopoly for me. He freaking played for blood!

6.  I am a Bryan Adams fan

I do not apologize, I just consider myself in good company with every other Bryan Adams fan.

7.  I am a popcorn fanatic

There's always room for popcorn!  I will even eat it air popped without butter. Popcorn is really good with Brewers Yeast sprinkled on it...honest.

8.  I will never turn down a nut-topped sticky bun

Sticky buns are very popular where I live.  They are raised cinnamon sweet rolls, usually baked 8 to a pan, with a beautiful sticky, dark caramel-like topping and covered all over with chopped walnuts.  Some bakeries place just raisins on top, others have both nuts and walnuts.  Some are just plain.  Give me the walnuts every time!

Okay, those are the 8 I am willing to admit to.  What are some of your guilty pleasures?   Don't be shy!  Share them, please.