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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 27 Blog Post

This is day 27 of the July Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I am proud to have made it this far, to have written one post a day, beginning on July 1.  Sometimes the post is finished in the afternoon, but it's more usual for me to write in the late afternoon/evening hours.  In fact, one day I almost forgot all about writing my post!  I did write it, posted it after midnight, and made certain to publish another post that day; I had come so far, and did not want to give up.

I will be honest, I wasn't certain I had the discipline to participate in this challenge.  Writing a blog is voluntary for me; one of my goals was to have people read what I write.  I suppose it's a form of validation for me.  My family and friends have been telling me for quite some time that they enjoy reading what I write.  Why is it that I feel I need validation from perfect strangers?  (Well, that is assuming that at least one person unknown to me has read at least one of the posts.)  I have great admiration for those whose source of income is derived from blogging. 

I will also admit that I'm relieved the Challenge is coming to an end; I am certain I cannot sustain writing a daily post, but it has given me the impetus to schedule future posts.  My goal is to write at least 2 per week, one business-geared and the second geared to whatever piques my interest.  I never before scheduled time to write, so this Challenge has definitely taught me a valuable skill.  I am even considering keeping a personal journal. That is another goal I have yet to carry out; and I have some really beautiful journals in which to write. 

Today I wrangled with technology for several hours until reaching the point where I could get online to publish a post.  I sometimes think there are tiny, nasty gremlins living in the inner workings of my laptop.  They always know when I am against a deadline or when I have a form that requires printing. Swearing causes a high-pitched gleeful keening, shutting down and restarting becomes a lengthy process that continues for what feels like hours and hours. They are particularly nasty on hot, humid today.  I am so not a summer person.  My idea of summer heat is 78-83 degrees with 52% humidity.  Humidity makes the gremlins hateful! #sledgehammer.

Yes.  My laptop is old.  Intellectually I know this.  Emotionally, I am frustrated by the quirks and glitches that sometime take over my day.  Today all I could think of was "Oh, no!  Today is the 27th and NOW you're going to die on me?"  Ah, I live to write another day.  #blogboost