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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Been One of THOSE Days!

Why is this happening to

OK, today is day 2 of the JUBC* (go back and look at yesterday's blog for the meaning of this acronym because...yes, it's been a DAY!)

I had high hopes this morning.  I had a good night's sleep.  The A/C is working well, the sun was shining!  I had two conference calls lined up and I was happy.  The calls were interesting, fun and enlightening.  I had my coffee.  I ate a nice breakfast (egg sandwich on home baked whole grain bread with light cheddar and sliced strawberries).  It was a promising beginning.

And then...

And then my day began a downward slide, picking up speed with every almost-loaded site, slow tab and undesired IE window multiplying like rabbits along the right side of my laptop screen.  I began a slow burn.

I began what I thought was going to be a quick fix with a classified ad I was posting on behalf of a good friend and colleague. Each time I had posted an ad to this site, for my own business, everything progressed smoothly and I spent a minimum amount of time.  Not today.

Today the site was plagued with strange previews and weirdly spaced text.  My fault?  Most likely, but with each change or addition I wanted to make the screen re-loaded with molasses-like speed.  My friend and I conferred on content and that, at least, went quite well.  Back to the ad site, nope, not so much!  And the situation continued to progress from bad to worse.  My email wouldn't cooperate. The sites I use daily for leads, lead generation, phone calls and follow-up apparently showed up on some else's laptop, because they called off "deteriorating" today.  As a result I missed an important team call. (Mea culpa, Debbie!)

Yes, friends, my behavior quickly became that of a deranged, sailor-spitting, four-letter word spouting, MAD WOMAN.  I HAD to get out of the house. 

Time Out

I accompanied my husband back to the Blood Bank where he had spent 2-1/2 hours donating platelets, only to forget to pick up his Daytimer on the way out.  Well, one of us did a noble thing today!  We picked up an early dinner on the way back home and I began to feel better...


I remembered a webinar I registered for.  Now, before we left the house I completely shut down my laptop.  I turned on the laptop when I walked back in the door, and when everything was loaded I clicked on the webinar link.  

Things looked good for the better part of the first 5 minutes. Then the webinar stopped streaming.  Finally, after about 35 minutes it began once again. Fortunately it was recorded, so I'll be able to watch the entire webinar sometime tomorrow. 


I decided to just write the next post for the blog challenge.  I received an interesting email about creating quizzes for a blog.  I went to the website, read through it and thought, "ooh, that would be a neat post".  Yep.  I really did think that.  Then I began to design a quiz, got about halfway through it and then....splat.  I don't know what happened, but I could not continue on through the site to finish creating the quiz.  The only thing I gained from that exercise was a downloaded photo to use in this particular post.

This is the end of my work day (and my rope).  I am done for the day.  I am resilient, so I will return tomorrow for another day of "adventure".  (It isn't even a full moon tonight!! Ack!)  I bid you all adieu!