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Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Interview With the AmeriPlan Programs

I want to thank Jaye Carden, Network Marketer, MLM, Affiliate Marketer,owner of for today's inspiration.  Jaye and I are LinkedIn connections, and he posted some wonderful questions in the "I Work From Home" group.

Today I have the AmeriPlan Medical and Dental Plans here to answer Jaye's questions someone should consider when choosing a work from home opportunity.  The AmeriPlan Medical and Dental Plans have been in business for over 20 years.  In fact, Dental Plan is the "grandfather" of the group, being introduced in 1992 in Dallas, Texas.

All of the Plans agreed to be interviewed for this blog post.  Without further ado, I would like to introduce  AmeriPlan Dental Plus, AmeriPlan MD Plus, and AmeriPlan Healthcare.  AmeriPlan Freedom Plan could not be with us today, but sent a message along.

Welcome!  Let's get to those conditions Jaye listed for consideration.

1. Is the product way over priced?

Dental Plus:  "Let me field this concern.  We have four programs available. The Dental Plus is $19.95/month per household and saves our members money on Chiropractic and Vision care as well as dental care.  Plus, we offer great savings on prescription drugs!  The MD Plus is $29.95/month per household,  (includes AmeriDoc and Hospital Advocacy along with Prescription and Dental).   The Healthcare Plus program is $49.95/month per household, includes everything in Dental and MD Plus and includes discounted services for Doctor Office visits, podiatry, hearing and wellness programs.  It's pretty much the whole deal!  

2. Will people want this product OTHER than to join the opportunity?

MD Plus:  "Oh, let me take this one!  Hail Yeah they will!!  How can anyone not want to save money?  That's what you do with us, you save money!!  And talk about convenience; with me you have access to a doctor 24/7, just pick up your phone or send an email.  Don't even have to take the car out of the garage!  Plus, each and every one of our team members receives the full magilla coverage for their entire household.  Talk about value!!"

3. How much is the autoship, is there an autoship?

Healthcare Plus:  "Please allow me to take this concern.  What we have is a small overhead fee.  When you enroll with us as an Independent Business Owner, you do own your own business!  Every business in the world has overhead.  In fact, if you go out and find yourself a j.o.b. (you know, just over broke), you might need to go out and spruce up your wardrobe, buy new shoes, maybe even buy another car or pay for transportation or parking.  Then there is child care, lunch money, and how about those collections for co-workers' birthdays/retirements or buying the stuff your co-workers' kids are always selling for school?  Oh, and what about the money you spend on gas now that you're leaving your house every day for 8 or more hours.  Yeah, there's that time away from your family too.  The overhead with us will cost you $99.95/month, but that's taken out of your monthly residual pay, like a payroll deduction."

4. Does this product bring a life changing result for many people?

MD Plus:  "You betcha, bucko!  If you save money on your medical and dental services, doesn't that leave you more money for bills or fun stuff?  And you can't put a price tag on better health for you and your family!  Plus, knowing you have someone to fight for your financial health when you are hospitalized (the hospital advocate that comes with my plan) can make your whole recovery process go smoother.  No one wants to go into forever-debt after a hospitalization.  Think of all the stress that saves!"

5. How long will it take for a customer to see results?

Dental Plus:  "You got almost immediately?  You enroll, make your payment, get your ID number and call the dentist for an appointment.  Doesn't take much time at all.  You can use a credit/debit card or ACH payments directly from your checking account to cover the cost.  Easy peasy and even if you don't need it on day one, it's ready and waiting for you.  Oh, you do have to be a member for 3 business days before you can use my Hospital Advocacy. Other than than, you are in like Flynn!"

6. Is it easy to duplicate?

Healthcare Plus:  "Absolutely!  With AmeriPlan you never have to reinvent the wheel!  Everything is in place for you!  Sample ads and brochures to print, scripts to use, and all you do is generate leads, contact leads, rinse and repeat.  The business is so easy.  What you do is share the information about the great products and/or the business opportunity.  The products are, after all, for everyone to use regardless of age.  Everyone needs medical and dental care, so you're not telling folks about something they'll never use.

You know how to talk to people, right?  That's what the Independent Business Owners do. There are no crazy gimmicks, you don't need to be a genius. There are no parties to go to, no weekly home presentations, you don't have to drag stuff around in your car. There are no products to stockpile in your garage. Anyone can do it, anyone can teach it.  Follow the yellow brick road!"

7. What training, and leadership is in place?

MD Plus:  "Oh, the training is my favorite part!  It's all done at home on the computer and telephone!  You don't have to go to school and you do it in your own time.  There are six steps to start, and when you've finished them, you are ready to rock and roll.  You learn how to set up your websites.  Oh, did I tell you that when you enroll you get your professionally designed e-commerce sites?  And a training website?  And a back-office website?  Yep.  All included as part of your monthly overhead, along with the total support of the Corporate Office.  They take care of all the membership stuff when you enroll someone, and they handle any and all problems that arise.  It's a sweet deal!

After you finish the first six steps the training doesn't end there!  There are daily training calls that the Freedom At Home Team leaders do.  If you can't get on the phone live when the calls take place, they are all recorded and stored in our great library for you to access 24/7.  Not only that, but the leaders have set up great Facebook group pages for the IBOs use. You can go there to connect with other team members all over the country.

In the library and on the Facebook group pages there are loads of scripts, ads, instructions on finding prospects, and all kinds of marketing help!   You can learn how to set up your own blog, how to make a Facebook Fan Page, how to use Instagram and other Social Media sites.  There's so much info your head will spin!

The best part of all is when you enroll you get your very own, personal mentor!  Those mentors are there to help your get up and running and independent ASAP, but they don't go away!  They, along with the rest of the Freedom At Home Team, are there to support and help you throughout your whole career.  You're in business for yourself, not by yourself!"

8. Will I love the product and believe in it?

AmeriPlan Lifestyle: "Hey, am I too late to get in on this discussion?  I wanna tell everyone about the great deals you get with me!  In addition to all those other guys, you can have me too for only $99.95/month per household. My program includes everything you already heard about with those other guys.  So, you get all of that plus: ID Theft protection, discounts on dining, automotive, recreation, shopping, business and technology, hotels, home and garden, movies, and printed or digital grocery coupons.  What's not to love?

Plus, you can use your memberships all over the country, not just in your home stomping grounds.  Now remember, we are NOT INSURANCE, and that's a good thing because our members don't need preauthorizations, or referrals, and you can use your memberships even if you do have insurance or even Medicare.  You gotta believe in products like that:  affordable and available no matter what your age or medical condition.  There really is something for everyone. 

If you want more information, go to to read about the memberships.  If you want to enroll and start making money, go to for information and an application."

Well, I'd like to thank our panelists from AmeriPlan today.  I'd also like to thank Jaye Carden again for his inspiration.  I hope these questions and concerns help you to make the best decision for you and your family!  

Have a great evening!